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Here I discuss a few of my own ringing interests - predominantly technical and historical. The technical bits are...well...technical, so if there's anything you want re-explained (or any other questions or comments, for that matter) then drop me an email to the address at the top of page.

I had been planning to write a dictionary, but haven't got round to that yet.

As you will see from the state of some of these pages, I'm not a techno person (in fact I hate technology) so if you see anything that's gone wrong (a picture that's moved to cover up some text, for example) again, please drop me a line. The pages don't always display well on narrow screens or phones, so a PC is probably the best medium.

This is a working site that gets updated when I add more articles or correct mistakes, so please don't think that your first visit here will be the be-all and end-all! There is a page for updates that have been made, and for current ringing topics of interest (for me, at least) see The News.

So sit back, relax - maybe get a hot drink.


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